Sci-fi that's just a little different.

By Carolyn Edwards

By Will "Taliesin" Jarvis

   Look for Erin Starfox, an original short story collection, by
Will "Taliesin" Jarvis,
and other authors coming in 2014.

Listen Up
Lecture by Will Jarvis to the
Live The Dream organization
about Starfox and writing science fiction.

Fox Facts
All about Erin Starfox and the
United Systems.

Fox Art
Sample illustrations from various Starfox stories.

Story Samples
A peek at a few stories
from the series.

Fox Plots
See some plot ideas that just
might become future stories.

Our Writers
Meet the writers of
the Starfox books.

Writers/Artists Wanted
We're looking for a few good authors and artists.

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